Interpersonal Relationships

(Star : Zheng Tao Hua R/S Star, Pian Tao Hua R/S Star)

With a challenging and competitive 2022 ahead, positive energy and motivation are crucial to lifting your morale, giving you the grit and determination needed to power through the Year of the Tiger. At the same time, having good relationships with others will also give you a much-needed boost in your chances at success in the upcoming year. Display Roaring Fortitude in the West or East of your house – the best directions of 2022 – to create positive energy and boost your confidence and drive, welcoming great fortune and interpersonal relationships in the process!

Roaring Fortitude


Personal Safety

(Star : Five Yellow Star)

The Five Yellow Star brings about calamity and trouble and is considered a major unlucky star in fengshui. With the Five Yellow Star being the governing star of 2022, many unexpected issues may hinder your progress and cause you to doubt yourself. Families should also take caution and avoid major celebrations and renovations at home in the upcoming year. Displaying Guardian Stars can help reduce stress and negativity, as well as guard against unscrupulous people. The negative energy of the Five Yellow Star will also be significantly weakened as a result.

Guardian Stars



(Stars : Zheng Cai Wealth Star, Pian Cai Wealth Star)

While money may not be the most important thing in life, it is hard to function properly in today’s society without some cash in your pockets. Activate the wealth stars this year by placing Abundant Treasures in the South or Northwest of your living room or office to help accumulate wealth and increase the chances of receiving significant returns from investments!

Benefactors & Career

(Stars : Zheng Gui Ren Benefactor Star, Pian Gui Ren Benefactor Star)

You are surrounded by potential benefactors and all you have to do is to find them and build relationships with them. Activate the benefactor stars this year by placing Benevolent Success in the Southeast or East of your living room or office to promote harmonious interpersonal relationships, giving your career a well-deserved boost.

Academics & Learning

(Star : Wen Chang Academic Star)

The Academic Star helps to improve focus, insight and learning capabilities for both children and adults. Activate the Academic Star this year by placing Brilliant Ascension at the Yin bearing (Northeast) of your study table to enhance your learning and analytic skills, in turn boosting your progress in your studies or work.

Overall Luck

(Stars: Grand Duke & Sui Po Disaster Star)

If you have Tiger or Monkey in your bazi, then you will have to watch out for the Grand Duke (太岁) and Sui Po Disaster Star in 2022, as it may cause accidents and obstacles in your life. Displaying The Formidable Duo at the Yin and Shen bearings (Northeast and Southwest) of your house in order to mitigate the negative effects of the two stars. Generally speaking, inactivity should be observed at these two locations.


(Star : Two Black Star)

Although the Two Black Star can bring you windfall luck, it also brings about illnesses and poor health. Neutralise the effects of the Two Black Star by placing Tortoise of Wellness in the Southwest of your house to promote physical and mental health, allowing you to make progress in your studies or career without worries.

Arguments & Conflicts

(Star : Three Killing Star)

The Three Killing Star combines the effects of various inauspicious stars, and can cause career setbacks, accidents, wealth loss and other unexpected problems. To mitigate its negative effects, you can display Welcoming Fortune in the North of your home or office to weaken the impact of the Three Killing Star and improve your overall luck.